Circadiance®: ISO 13485 Certified

Circadiance® is committed to excellence in manufacturing.

As we continue to develop our revolutionary products, we will continue to ensure that our processes and products conform to the highest manufacturing standards worldwide.

The following Circadiance products are currently ISO 13485 certified:

SleepWeaver Anew
SleepWeaver Elan
SleepWeaver Advance
SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube

These products carry the CE mark, which means that they can also be sold in Europe and Canada. Our online sales and distribution through homecare companies both domestically and internationally help us to serve people all over the world. Learn more by reading our press releases.

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If your sleep lab, home care company, or practice is looking for PAP masks that are truly comfortable and designed to the highest standards, check out our products, read the rave reviews, and then order your Circadiance masks. If you have questions, please call us at 888-825-9640.